Now it has become more convenient to search for new cars on Avito, you can compare the “Available” offer, and discounts from different dealers throughout the country, in one place. If you, like me, have no contraindications and prejudices, please vaccinate to protect yourself, your loved ones, and all of us. And 3% of people who planned to sell a car changed their minds. And in this regard, the pandemic accelerated the process of transition to digital tools, and formed new habits among buyers, probably. Today, the whole procedure from placing an advertisement to concluding a deal is fundamentally different from what it was 5 years ago.

Karpushkin – The time when buying or selling a car was an impassable quest for an unprepared person is irrevocably gone. And we see that today the work of dealers with online clossyfides has become more conscious and substantive, and Avito is already perceived as a partner who helps to find the right solution to optimize the budget on the market both for used cars and in the segment of new cars. Karpushkin – Well, how does the industry feel now, has it sagged a lot due to car sharing, subscriptions, affordable taxis, and public transport??

People have begun to use digital tools more actively in all spheres of life, and the car market is no exception. In small companies, this service takes over a significant part of the analytical work, saves time and money, and allows employees to concentrate on large tasks. AND. This is a key factor in the growth of the share of dealers in the market, in general.

In the spring of the 20th year, we launched a service for assessing the cost of a car. Mandzhieva – Yes, today online clossyfides, such as Avito, have already become one of the most effective channels for attracting customers in the field of sales and after-sales service of cars. Or there may be a loss of the previous document, and this is also a reason to be wary, because sellers can fake the loss of the TCP in order to hide its real history. The machine remains one of the main factors in the secondary market too.

A. Mandzhieva – The first trend that we see today is the switching of public interest to used cars. And if we talk about what customers are willing to pay more for, it is for the convenience of the purchase process itself.

The deferred demand of the year 20 led to some kind of boom in the secondary market, a shortage of dealer stocks and currency fluctuations only contributed to consumer uncertainty, and a shift in focus to used cars. And Russia did not come out 4th in terms of sales in Europe. And during the time of restrictive measures, both buyers and sellers in the car market have formed new habits, and a request for such a seamless integration of the offline and online stages of the transaction. And the third trend is that the rise in prices in the primary auto market, of course, spurs the rise in prices in the secondary market.

And this estimate, it is based on the analysis of more than a million advertisements for the sale of similar vehicles according to Avito, and external sources. Last summer, we conducted a survey on attitudes towards personal transport, 10 thousand respondents took part in it, and according to the results of 9% of residents who did not have a car before, after the pandemic, they just decided to buy their first car. A. And as a result, we see that in April 21st, Russians bought more used cars than new cars for the entire period from January to April. Among young buyers, this was important only among 36%, and in the segment over 45, 76% of respondents chose this factor.

For private sellers, we launched the “Owner” status in the fall of 20, and it allows the buyer to understand who is actually selling this car. And for professional players we have an automation tool, it is called “Auto Strategy”, it is an automatic analysis of the demand and activity of buyers and sellers in each region of Russia, with reference specifically to the car model. And due to this, a high accuracy of the assessment is ensured. That is, sales fell 72.4% compared to April 19.

But in general, an automatic box … In the premium market, the main trend is now reasonable sufficiency, that is, models in medium trim levels, and such cars now account for a third of sales. The top 5 includes the reliability of the car, specifications, such as engine power, safety of course, as well as comfort and design. If you are provided with a duplicate, be sure to clarify why the original TCP was replaced.

The used car market brought in the 20th year, probably better than the new market. Women’s audience according to Avtostat, also prefers bright design, not large-sized cars, and automatic transmission. Moreover, the importance of the price increases with the age of consumers.

And only our responsible behavior with you will help to finally defeat the pandemic. Remember to wear masks, wash your hands, use antiseptics, keep your distance. Karpushkin – Thank you very much Ayuka, thank you for the interesting conversation. Customers, first of all, have a request for (inaudible) purchase process, and (inaudible) integration of offline and online transaction steps. Now all models are being bought, even not liquid ones.

Mandzhieva – In general, in general, we believe that the online audience (inaudible) will grow, it is profitable and convenient for the consumer to consider all offers in one place, but it is too early to talk about a complete transition of car sales online, as we have already said. And as a result of using this tool, we see an increase in the number of transactions, an increase in sales, a decrease in financial and time costs. In general, in the 20th year since the beginning of the pandemic, and the introduction of quarantine measures, the market for new cars showed a complete drop, according to the Association of European Businesses in April 20th, less than 39 thousand cars were sold in Russia.

Avito, an active participant in the modern Russian automotive market, and our goal is to create tools to build trust in the market and make it more transparent. Ayuka, good afternoon. The pandemic has changed the requirements and expectations of customers from the buying process and the car, including. AND. But Avito, I think it’s not just a service where you can sell or buy a car.

Mandzhieva – From the point of view of general options in cars, in general on the mass market of new cars, the majority of sales now fall on the standard configuration, which means that the most popular versions are now the most demanded. At the same time, young women from 20 to 34 years old are most concerned about the safety of the car, almost half of the respondents noted the importance of this characteristic, compared with 39% on average. And this strategy is useful for both large and small businesses. And in the ads for the sale of cars on the site now there are badges with ratings: great price, and good price. At the end of the 20th year, we conducted a customer survey in dealerships, and according to the results of this millet, in the 20th year, 19% of buyers used the online car booking service.

Mandzhieva – Good day. Karpushkin – Ayuka, how the demand for cars is changing over time, what it was Mercedes-benz cla-class 2015 in kenya 5 years ago, and what people need today? This means that the dealer has passed our live check by Avito specialists, and his cars match the data provided in the ad.

A. Our website now contains more than 15 million spare parts and accessories for cars and motorcycles, both from individuals and from official suppliers. New tools, solutions, platforms appear that greatly simplify this process. For official dealers, this means that the issue of service quality should remain one of the key tools for retaining and attracting customers.

They are displayed both in the search results and in the car card itself. And at the end of the 20th year, the new car market decreased by 9.1%. And large dealers have the opportunity to optimize processes, while marketers still have all the levers of company management. A. Our partners include more than 1,300 dealerships, that is, more than 40% of all official dealers in Russia.

Dealers who were able to come to online sales faced another problem here, this is the need to remove the psychological block from customers, to buy a car online. AND. More than half of the respondents noted the significance of the price, and almost half noted the cost of the car. Usually there are two reasons, or all the columns have been filled out indicating the owner, which means that the car has changed many owners. We are confidently moving towards creating a valuation standard that is needed for a transparent auto market.

All the best to you, see you again on the air of “Echo of Moscow”. And at some point we noticed that the share of users who communicate with a car dealer in the built-in chat on Avito is steadily growing, and therefore we have added the ability to integrate a message from the Avito messenger into the CPM system of a dealership for a car. dealers who advertise with us. And it is important to provide the client with the maximum set of tools that will allow him to easily and conveniently sign up for a service, evaluate a car, take out insurance, or a loan online, and so on. And dealers who, from the very beginning of the quarantine pandemic, were unable to exercise flexibility and establish remote sales, lost more than those who relied on digital, and of course the pandemic spurred interest in online car sales.

A. From the point of view of the audience, here you say “young audience”, they prefer more dynamic and technologically advanced cars, with a striking design. And the whole history and details about the car can also be checked in the “Autotek”, where all parameters are taken into account, including the real mileage, the number of owners, repairs, whether the car is pledged, whether it was used by commercial organizations, including taxi and car sharing, and much other.

Karpushkin – Well, “Avito Auto” is just one of these online services. According to Avito Auto, in the 20th year, sales of used cars in the country as a whole increased by 7% compared to the 19th year. Mandzhieva – 5 years ago, let’s remember the 16th year, then the car market in Russia showed generally the maximum drop in 6 years. In general, earlier this year experts “AUTOTKI”, together with the international research company “IPSOS” conducted a survey, and revealed the top 5 of the most important characteristics when choosing a car. And dealers understand that this is an important sales channel, and here we act as a partner in budget optimization, for example.

Other key factors here, this is a complete set of not lower than the average, minimum number of accidents, and mileage up to 100 thousand kilometers. And in this regard, we are constantly developing new innovative products for both buyers and sellers, in order to take the sale of cars on clossify to a new level. And in principle, speaking of savings, car owners in the period of each crisis strive to save on service. Before buying, in general, you need to familiarize yourself with all the documents of course for the car.

And this trend is likely to continue, even though the restrictions are softened. Although, if we look at other countries, the Russian car market did not suffer so much, due to the softening of restrictive measures in the second half of 20.

Avito Auto


p>AND. Karpushkin – In the process of buying a car, one of the most important categories is trust. And among the reasons for this growth, we note the rise in prices and interruptions in the supply of new cars, and the deferred demand after a period of self-isolation.

Rather, these segments develop in isolation. AND. And generally speaking, is there a difference between a woman and a man when choosing a car, this study showed that women, especially between the ages of 20 and 34, are significantly more likely to buy a car, due to changes related to family. But according to various estimates, within five years its share can reach 10-15% of the total sales. Over the past year, Avito Auto has increased the share of both large holdings and medium-sized dealers who are actively involved in testing our new tools.

Let me remind you that today we talked about new technologies on the market with Ayuka Mandzhieva, Key Account Manager at Avito Auto. And more than 50% of the respondents noted that they still prefer to communicate with the employees of the dealership to buy live. A. Karpushkin – And for what customers are ready to overpay today, and what they are trying to save on? In your opinion, are such expenses justified, and such savings?

That is, now the buyer and the seller can easily figure out market prices, even without really understanding the car market, especially a used car. In the used car market, we are now observing several trends, the first is the shortage in the new car market, which affects the reorientation of customers to the used car market. Please tell us about the advantages of the Avito service for sellers and buyers, what technical possibilities are there to check the history of the car, and how to avoid possible problems with purchasing a car?

AND. Digitization has become a necessity, even for the smallest car dealership. And we are also simultaneously investing in the Autoteka service, maybe you have heard about it. And of course, as in many areas, April 20 for the auto market became one of the most difficult months in history, car dealerships then could not continue to work in their usual format, and many buyers postponed transactions, since no one knew how the quarantine will last for a long time.

And taking into account the interruption in the supply of auto components, people began to buy non-original spare parts more often. And besides that, we constantly invest in the training of auto market professionals, carry out on-site inspections of dealers, help them correctly set up end-to-end analytics, unload CPM systems, offer an individual promotion strategy. Karpushkin – Ayuka, what options and functions in cars are important for categories such as young audiences, for older buyers, and for female customers?

And as a result of the survey, it turned out that women buy relatively older cars, that is, on average, women buy a car aged 9.4 years, and men 7.7 years. But it turned out that buyers are not yet ready for such a complete transition online of the entire auto-retail, of the respondents, only 11% purchased a car online. The pandemic put car dealers in fundamentally new conditions, dealers had to master on the fly video presentation of cars, communication with customers in messengers, remote lending, and even contactless delivery of cars.

Last year, we significantly improved our search algorithms, recommendations for the convenience of using our platform for buyers, and providing conversion traffic to sellers. We do not believe that the sharing business can supplant personal transport. And already starting from the 20th year, we can talk about a change in the very structure of the market, and a shift in consumer interest towards sales of more budget models. She herself will analyze the market situation, competition, demand at each moment of time, and based on this, she will choose the best time and suitable promotion services for this car. Mandzhieva – I would say that amid a pandemic, an increase in interest in personal transport, on the contrary, is a general trend.

Karpushkin – How the industry of buying and selling cars will develop in the near future? And those who did not have at that time, at the beginning of the quarantine of the digitized data, had the hardest time. AND. A.

And in order to succeed as a (inaudible) dealer, you need to carefully balance the online and offline stages of the sale. And by placing their cars on Avito, the client, both a dealer and a private trader, receives a stable volume of traffic, more than half of all Avito visitors go to our transport section, this is more than 20 million a month, throughout the country. For buyers of new cars, we also added the status “Available” this year, and discounts on dealer cars, which we broadcast in the announcement card. Mandzhieva – We always recommend that you pay attention to the seller’s reviews, when considering ads for the sale of cars on clossiefyds in general, in principle.

But the most important criterion, of course, turned out to be the cost of the car. And this service helps to quickly get the most accurate picture of market prices, and it is useful not only for buyers who now find it easier to choose the best deals, but also for sellers who want to quickly sell a car at a market price. And here it is already possible to choose between sales in real life, so to speak, and on the Internet it is already becoming an unaffordable luxury.

And over the past year, we have done several operations to improve the product, in terms of the accuracy of the assessment, and the clarity for the average buyer and seller, and in tests we have confirmed that our price recommendations really work and affect the choice of buyers and sellers. After that, in the 17-18th year, the sales volume grew against the background of state support and low inflation, and in the 19th year, with a decrease in the volume of state support, and against the background of market growth, this all led to noticeable fluctuations, and as a result, of course, to decrease in sales. And also, among the factors of choice, women more often cite the desire to avoid stress in public transport.

This is exactly who you can’t trust when buying a car, what to look for in the first place, what points should alert you? AND. And our main mission has always been to connect sellers and buyers, which is why the development of the Avito service for buyers and sellers is our first priority. And those market players who were able to quickly rebuild their business models for digital, they not only kept the business, but were also able to increase their share.

And in addition to the highest quality, open, customer-oriented work, many salons offered discounts for online purchases, or gave customers the opportunity to cancel the deal within a few days, even without explaining the reasons. And they are ready to pay the same amount for an online car assessment, according to the program (inaudible). 27 participants would be willing to pay for an online car loan.

These are expenses, taxes, insurance, service, and so on. And such a network of partners allowed us to create the most complete and detailed history of car ownership in Russia. Of course, the online direct sales market will grow as large players enter this segment.

And the second trend that we see is the shortage in the used car market, since people do not sell their old cars before buying new cars. AND. What has changed, how digital platforms have influenced this process, we will talk with Ayuka Mandzhieva, Key Account Manager at Avito Auto. A. And find out from the seller how the car was serviced, whether he has a service book, whether he got into an accident.

You can agree with the seller to send you documents in the form of scans, and when making a deal, you need to pay special attention to PTS, see how many owners the car had according to the document. And today, a car buyer is waiting for a personal online service, to which he is already accustomed in other areas. And next to the icon, we indicate the difference between the price indicated in the ad and the average price in the market. That is, this is marriage, the appearance of children, and so on. Almost 300% would be willing to pay dealers for an online car payment service.

The various stages of the transaction will continue to move online, and those companies will grow that can manage their online reputation, provide the best customer service, and be as transparent and predictable as possible for the sale and purchase of cars. And if you are looking closely at the dealer’s ads, pay attention to the “Verified partner” label on “Avito”. In my opinion, saving car owners is a personal choice, the main thing to remember is that safety should come first.

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